Do you feel the lack of good mentor in your life who can guide you rightly through your career path? Where students are inclined to choose the same old common career options, it is important that they should be made aware of the path less traveled by. Admission Camp aims at helping and guiding young students who fail to provide recognition to their talent due to lack of knowledge. We cater right information needed to take such important decisions. Future is a thing not to be played with! Thus, we understand the need to start your college life from the right college.

It started in the year 2018 and is handled by a talented writer Sadhana Singh Chauhan and Arvind Maurya. We aim at imparting knowledge on various career options, education updates and everything relevant to the courses. Admission camp is an online education website that delivers timely blogs related to the field of education. We also deliver general education related articles. You can also find reviews of various colleges around India under various career options.

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