Language is one of the most integral parts of a culture. The identity and the tradition of the culture are identified with the man of the language. World is a wonderful and diverse place with reportedly 6,500 languages spoken by various people. Among these vast linguistic variations, English has emerged as the lingua franca of the world community. One of the widely spoken language, English language and literature serves as the mirror to various cultures across the world. A student of English literature can indulge e themselves in to various world cultures all thanks to the translated work into English. Not only it acts as the common language in diverse world, but English Literature too has a rich heritage of excellence in terms of literary contributions. Notable creators, poets and writers like Keats, Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Wordsworth have made the English Literature a grand choice for Humanities Students. Even the writers from non-English speaking countries like Rushdie, Arundhati Roy, Naipaul, Bradbury, Adichie, Maya Angelou, Amitava Ghosh and many more have created excellent masterpiece and made their place in English Literature.

The contribution of English Literature

English language have emerged as the powerful medium to pen down the thoughts and creativity of  writers, poets , authors, scholars, public figures and even regular individuals. English Literature is filled with the writings on creativity, daily life, fantastical setting, political thoughts, disputes, behavioral aspects and many more.

Every time period of humankind have its unique set of writing. English Literature is no exception to this. A student or a patron of English Literature will be fascinated by all the fictional and nonfictional account that have been written on the World Wars, colonialism, racism, slavery, oppression of women in Middle Eastern  countries, Suffragette movements, Civil Rights Movement and many more realities. A the same time, they will find delight in the magical world of Hogwarts created, classical time of Victorian Era, delightful stories of the past grandeur, romantic and love stories and poems and many more.

Attracted by such varieties and diversities within single subjects, English Literature has emerged as one of the popular choices for the students to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. An exciting aspect of the English Literature is that you cannot specifically tell that a particular work is the best among all. Every genre and work has their own uniqueness and individuality. If you are a student of English Literature you have a wide range of scope to make a fruitful career. You can either take it down or work on the basis of creativity, or you can study and research on the subject further.

After Graduation the next step

Sadly, contrary to other subjects, students and general public still doubt about the choice of career that one could make after pursuing English Literature in Graduation level. They would be bombarded with questions like, “What is the suitable profession after passing out graduation in Literature?” or “What will be the next step?” This is clearly a misconception among a large chunk of people that English Literature has very limited scope of career. The subject that itself has lots of varieties is really a great choice if you think to make a career which will definitely delight you. There are numerous branches that are associated with the English Literature that the students can easily pursue after completing the Graduation.

Some popular and coveted choice

Therefore, in this article, you will come to know about all the exciting option that you can happily pursue after you complete your undergraduate level in English Literature. So the next time, if anyone poses doubt on your favorite subject, you can definitely tell them about such varieties of options and you can choose one among them.

  • Teaching Profession:

One of the most coveted and respectful profession, teaching in English can not only give you recognition but can also provide you with a good package and comfort. In non-English speaking country like India, English teachers will always be in highest demand regardless of the syllabus and board of education.

 Choosing teaching profession means you can have wide range of option to teach your favorite language in elementary level, middle-school level, high school level, colleges, universities and coaching centers. You will be responsible for making your students aware of the diversity and the depth that the language provides. Not only in the domestic arena, you can even opt for teaching English in foreign countries. As mentioned, earlier non English speaking countries will always have high demand for English Teacher. So you will be paid excellently if you try in other countries too.

  • Editing:

The publication and printing department is headed by team of publishers and editors. As an editor you can work in newspaper, online news portal, magazines, journals and many more. You can works as the content creator and take responsibility of the contents that are to be published. You will be responsible for proofreading, for rectifying punctuation and the grammatical error. You will also have the duty to see if the content is plagiarized. You not only need to check only one copy but also check numerous writings and select the best one among them to publish. In short, you will be responsible for creating a unique and bright image of your organization in front of the world of publishing and content creation. So, after graduation in English Literature m, you can kick start your career as content writer or reporter. Gradually, after gaining relevant experience, you can get promoted to sub editor or assistant editor.

  • Translator:

The age of globalization has opened up the scope of the exchange of culture and people around the world. As mentioned earlier, the world is a hub of multiple languages. So, it is not possible for everyone to learn each and every language. So, with a command in English Language, you can get hold of the job of Translator. The exchange of culture and political ideals has given a great deal of importance to the role of Translator.

So, as a translator, you can grab the job anywhere if you are proficient in both English and another language. Translators can get job in any embassy, cultural organization, publication house, hospitality and many more. Even if you are not comfortable in front to front communication, then you can use your translation skills in any magazine or content creation sector by translating texts from one language to English language or vice-versa. You can also work in the visual entertainment sector by helping to create the subtitles of the foreign movies.

  • Writer:

The essence of Literature is given true form only by writers, though it is true that you do not need to have a degree in English Literature to become writer. You just only need to have a flair for writing and passion to create a unique masterpiece. But it is also true that if you are a student in English Literature then you will be aware of various genres and the writings of multiple cultural backgrounds with very intricate details. You will also come to know about multiple style and techniques of writings by other notable writers. Further, you can also take an additional course in the creative writing that will help you strengthen your perspective and the creativity of your language skill.

So, if you are thinking that you can create and want to show off your masterpieces to the world, then you can start thinking about the idea for the novel, short story, book, novella and poem now only. It is never late to start thinking about your idea. After penning down your content, you need to submit your work to the publishing houses. Your works may go through many editing and analyzing, your work will be published and who know it may become a bestseller!

  • Journalism and Mass Communication:

With the rise in the media sector, the demand for the professionals in communication and language skills has risen in massive way. If you just switch on television or radio or device with internet, then you will get to see numerous channels with so many interesting contents. So the media industry will never be out of demand. If you have flair for your hobby and like the arena of communication then you can easily apply for the production house in any YouTube or online podcast channel, radio or television channels. So after completing your graduation in English Literature, you can also opt for a diploma in Public Relations or Journalism in Mass Communications. After that you can make a strong resume and make your career in the Media sector.

Some other different careers that you can choose after completing English Literature are:

  • Give entrance tests for Banking Sector.
  • Apply for the entrance test for Government Examination.
  •  Apply for admission in Masters in English Literature.
  • Go for the Masters in Business Admission.
  • Learn another language.

Now, you can see that those who say that English Literature do not have any scope, they are grossly wrong. No wonder, it is the most popular subject choice among all other subjects in Humanities. That is why do make a good deal of research before making a final decision. Wish you all the best for your future.