Technology has introduced advanced means of imparting education in the form of projectors, laptops, computer labs and such. For students to get a better insight and understand the way technology has engulfed them, it is important that students learn the use of computers so that they can stand affirm with the career needs in the future.

1. Modernization of education

Permitting computer education in schools in the form of imparting education through computers and technology will help students get better acquainted with it. It will help students to work on word processors, get known to computer jargon and strengthen grammatical errors.

2. Enhancing performance of students

Students are more inclined to attend schools when allowed to use computers than those with students who are not. They are more engrossed in their lessons while on computers and tend to study steadily. When on computers they work better on collaborative projects along with their friends even without the help of their parents.

3. Easier research

Use of computers in education facilitates easy research as the student doesn’t have to spend hours in library fumbling through encyclopaedias and books. Anything can be easily researched in a condensed form either through digital books or through the use of browsers within minutes. It is easy to gain any knowledge through them.

4. Better career aspirations

Gathering the basics of computer early helps in making a better judgement on whether you can go for future career options in computer or not. Computer education in schools makes you acquainted with office suite programs, the various coding in programming languages and maintaining of data sheets etc. Knowing how much you can catch up with the computer knowledge and your command on it can help you in making better career decisions.

5. Enhances creativity

The computer is the best way to enhance and know your inner creativity. Coding is an interesting part of computer. It is like learning a whole new language where you can apply your creativity to create something new every time. Computer education in schools is like providing students with the building blocks where they can throw their creativity and work over it to enhance it further. Providing the individual with core computer science lesson builds up their intellectual and problem-solving capabilities.

Thus, computer education should be an integral part of school so that students are better positioned in their organizations when hired or think of being an entrepreneur.