The importance of education is incomparable to any other entity. It is that base which helps every human being to settle and progress in life. But the disappointing part is that now-a-days education system has become so cliché, strict and boring that most of the kids don't even like going to school.

The relationship between a student and teacher has become way too formal. Students are not able to interact with their guide cum teacher openly. The competition between students have boiled down to just grades and the word 'healthy competition' has lost somewhere.

Moreover, education has become that burden which students don't want to bear anymore. Also, in today's time, education system is mostly oriented towards scoring good grades and not gaining knowledge. 

There are certain ways in which we can improve the present education system and some of them are mentioned below -

Having a surprise test is good but having a number of unit tests and exams every now and then makes student lose interest in studies- 

In most of the schools these days, students are made to appear for many tests and exams. This, in turn, creates a lot of burden on the students, they start treating education as something stressful and boring.  When such a scenario happens, the real motive behind education gets dissolved. Their mind is at work constantly and there is no rest and relaxation involved. 

The education system must become knowledge-oriented and not grades-oriented

From the very start, every kid is moulded in a way where they are taught to get good grades. Not only their teachers put emphasis on this aspect but the parents too at home do so knowingly or unknowingly. 

Education is not only limited to subjects like English, Mathematics, Science-

Parents and teachers should focus upon shaping the students in such a way where they are able to pay equal attention and give equal importance to each subject, be it Mathematics or Music. This must be done so as to make sure that while growing up, every student has a number of fields to decide from in order to build their career or find out their passion. 

The learning process must be fun-filled rather than just a burden

Books and the cliche process of teaching must be revived in a way that the students should get to learn every subject in a fun way. They must enjoy the process of learning. 

Above all, students must have practical knowledge of every subject or whatever they study. Application of whatever they study is of utmost importance. Every student must go to their school and return with a smile to home. 

Happy learning!