Education is something that helps us in understanding the difference between the right and the wrong things. However, it also helps in eradicating illiteracy, in removing superstitions and myths and in making people confident. Thus, it is not just about getting literate but it is about getting completely educated about the technology, the society and the field. Once you clear your Secondary Examination, you can go for either of the two options and they are going for a diploma or a degree course. Majority of the students are unaware of the difference between a diploma and a degree course. However, knowing the difference is of utmost importance.

Knowing the Differences

Both diploma and degree courses aware awards that are conferred onto individuals when they are successful in completing a certain educational course. Nevertheless, there are a number of differences between both these terms and they cannot be used interchangeably. Prior to knowing the difference between the two, it is essential to have a clear understanding of both these awards.

Definition of Diploma Course

Diploma is basically a short term course that generally covers a time span of two to three years. These types of courses have their main focus on training students in a specific field. Admissions to such courses can only be taken after completing high school studies. These courses are done through recognized universities or through educational organizations. The curriculum for a diploma course helps students in acquiring more practical understanding and knowledge of a specific course which obviously builds the different skills of the candidates.

Definition of Degree Course

Degree is basically a long term course that spans a time frame of three to four years. The time span required for completing a Bachelor’s degree is three to four years and the time span for completing a Master’s degree is two years. A Master’s degree can only be pursued after completing a Bachelor’s degree successfully. Degree courses offer profundity in regards to a specific course. These courses open more opportunities for the students in comparison to the diploma courses. Degrees are issues by recognized colleges and universities. 10+2 is the minimum qualification required for taking admission into a degree course.

Difference in Aims and Focus

The aim and the focus of both the diploma and the degree courses are completely different. Degree courses are focused towards the academic growth of a student. The curriculum for such courses is structured in a way that the students undertaking such courses are provided an overview of different subjects along with a certain main subject that the student might have a keen interest in. This particular subject is called a specialization or major and the other subjects included in the degree course are called electives or minors.

On the other hand, a diploma course has its focus on training and qualifying an individual in a specific trade or business. The curriculum for these courses are aimed towards helping the students gain required theoretical and academic knowledge while the emphasis being more on helping the candidates understand the right procedure of handling different job situations.


In these present times when people are highly concerned about higher education, making the right choice between a diploma and a degree is quite difficult. Both the courses have their own advantages and roles.