The Struggling Education System of India

Published On: 30 October, 2018, Category: General

India has one of the most complex education systems with 1.5 million schools all round the country, it is estimated that more than 220 million students study in these schools.

Are Schools Producing an Innovative Generation or Mere Instruction-Following Machines?

Published On: 05 October, 2018, Category: General

The importance of education is incomparable to any other entity. It is that base which helps every human being to settle and progress in life. But the disappointing part is that now-a-days education system has become so cliché, strict and boring that most of the kids don't even like going to school.

Short Term Computer Courses after 10th and 12th Unveiled

Published On: 31 August, 2018, Category: General

The short term computer courses vary from about 3 to 6 months. The course may be a diploma course or certificate course depending on the institution.

How Computer Education in Schools for Students Plays an Important Role?

Published On: 25 August, 2018, Category: General

Technology has introduced advanced means of imparting education in the form of projectors, laptops, computer labs and such.