B. Sc. is one of the preferred choices for science students after 12th. It is a 3-year long duration course. There is a multitude of courses and degrees one can pursue in a B.sc course. Some of the top degrees which fall within its purview are:

1. B.Sc.in chemistry

This 3-year course is applicable for science students with chemistry. It is the oldest known b.sc course that can help you be a chemist, clinical researcher, cytologist etc.

2. B.Sc. in Botany

This course deals with the detailed study of plants, their anatomy, reproduction, and physiology. Doing this course can enable you to be an ecologist, plant biochemist, environmental consultant, park ranger, botanist or greenhouse manager.

3. B.Sc. in computer science

This course can be pursued by anymore who passed 12th with science stream. it course will enable you job opportunities like having private and home computer tuitions, jobs in computer science and engineering consultancies, work as a program analyst, as a lecturer, DTP operator, and others.

4. B.Sc. in electronics

This course introduces to basic knowledge of electric circuits such as transistors, diodes, IC’s etc. it is a file of science and technology and open gates to job opportunities like software analyst, service engineer, electronics and service consultant etc. this is also a relevant course for anyone who wants to be a teacher and lecturer in the field. 

5. B.Sc. in airlines, tourism and hospitality management

It involves the detailed study of aviation, tourism and hospitality sector. it offers job opportunities in leading airlines, tourism and hotel management industry for positions like relationship manager, ticketing executive, tour operator, receptionist, accounts assistant, operations manager etc. 

6. B.Sc. in mathematics

B.sc mathematics primarily focuses on advanced mathematics skills in algebra, trigonometry, geometry, data analysis, and calculus. They can serve in the banking sector, government sector and in various insurance and investment companies. Also, they can choose to be a professor or teacher. 

7. B.Sc. in textile design

It is an interesting field that relates to studying textile designing, prints, weaving, colors and it is combined with technology. It is a course involves creativity and innovation. The top job profiles after this course are fabric analyzer, textile designer, and jobs in jewelry houses, fabric resource manager and such. 

Apart from these, there are multiple of B.sc degrees that can be pursued in India. Decide wisely keeping in mind your interests in job opportunities for the same.