Just passed 12th standard with commerce and don’t know what to do with your life now? These days, are you blamed a lot for not opting math with commerce, as believe without math you have limited career options? Well, we feel you. Her we have come up with various career options even if you didn’t opt for math in 12th.

Commerce is one of the most popular stream choices. This stream covers the sectors like Accountancy, cost accountancy, management, law, banking, insurance etc. A diverse number of options and just won’t be limited to few options as in other streams, more students are going for it these days.

The number of options involved in commerce is exceptional. It gives access to various foundation programs. There are various sorts of Bachelor’s Degree courses, diploma courses, and certificate/vocational courses.

Here are some of the reasons why students are more inclined towards choosing commerce without math:

  • Generally, students dread math as they are weak with numbers. Therefore when given an option to drop it, they do so.
  • Some students are just not that into mathematics.
  • Those students who are sure to build their career in areas not requiring math like accountancy, law, management etc.

Here are some of the courses open for students for commerce without math:

1. B.Com

It stands for Bachelor in commerce. It is a 3 year undergraduate course. There are a number of specializations that one can do in B.com. They are B.com in Banking and Finance, b.com in banking and insurance, B.com in Accountancy and law, B.com in retail management, B.com in foreign trade etc.

Based on your interest and suitability, you can choose any of the specializations and pursue a Masters under post graduate course. The most common Master’s program after B.com is MBA and M.com.

2. BBA

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is also a 3 year undergraduate course. The specializations in BBA are:

  • BBA in finance
  • BBA in marketing
  • BBA in operations
  • BBA in HR management
  • BBA in international management
  • BBA in Event management
  • BBA in Foreign Trade
  • BBA in business analytics

3. Law

Another notable course with commerce is law. Some of the integrated law courses you can go for are:

  • B.com LLB
  • BA LLB

After completing such courses, graduates can post graduate programs like LLM and MBA or they can try working under advocates.

4. BMS

It stands for Bachelor in Management Studies. It is also a 3 year undergraduate course which covers the core academic subjects of management. MBA is the most popular post graduation course for BMs graduates.

5. Accountancy programs 

Choosing commerce without maths gives you access to recognized career options in an accountancy program like CA (Chartered Accountant) and CMS (Certified Management Accountant).

6. Company secretary 

You can prepare for company secretary as part of your career option.. being a company secretary doesn’t involve maths and can be easily pursued along with choosing any other graduation course.

7. Bachelor of foreign trade

Popularly known as BFM, is a 3 year long under graduation course. The specialization under this program involves import, export, trade policy, logistics and supply chain management.

It is an interesting course, something different from the normal under graduation course for commerce.

8. BHM and other hotel management programs

It stands for Bachelor of hotel management. This is also a 3 year undergraduate course which will give access and jobs in the hospitality sector. Apart from BHM, other ways to build a career in hospitality are:

  • BBA in hotel management
  • Bachelor of catering management
  • B.sc in hotel management
  • BA in hotel management
  • BA in culinary arts
  • Bachelor of hospitality and catering technology

9. Travel and tourism courses

Some of the common tourism courses include:

  • BBA in travel and tourism management
  • BA in travel and tourism
  • B.sc in travel and tourism management
  • B.sc in travel and hospitality management

It is also a 3 year under graduation course.

10. Event management courses

Some of the reputed event management course in india are:

  • BBA in event management
  • B.sc in event management
  • Bachelor in event management
  • BA in event management

It is 3 year under graduation program.

11. Retail management courses

Courses in retail management are:

  • BBA in Retail management
  • B.sc in Retail management
  • Bachelor in Retail management
  • BA in Retail management

12. BA Programs

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. It is a 3 year under graduation course not requiring maths. Some of the BA honour programs in India can be done in history, languages, politics, economics, journalism etc.

13. Journalism and mass communication courses

Some of the notable journalism and mass communication courses in India are BBA in media management, BA in journalism, B.sc in Journalism and mass communication etc.

14. Diploma courses

Apart from the bachelor courses, the various diploma programs that can be pursued are:

  • Diploma in event management
  • Diploma in hotel management
  • Diploma in front office operations
  • Diploma in food and beverages production
  • Diploma in travel and tourism management

Thus, there is a range of courses available for students after 12th with commerce without math to build a bright career.